Exhibitions and Fairs in Alessandria

Alessandria, 120.000 inhabitants, enjoys a very special geographical position. In fact, it stands at the center of a triangle whose vertices are Milan, Turin and Genoa, about 90 km away from each of the three cities. It is therefore an important trade pole and fairs & conference center, at the center of one of Italy's main production areas.

The economy of the city and its province is primarily based on trade, agriculture and industry. The tourism industry, along with services, is very important for Alessandria and the whole province, also thanks to the presence of food&wine-related activities, and more, throughout the region. Such as Acqui Terme - a spa town, Casale Monferrato - famous for Krumiri cookies, Novi Ligure - known for its chocolate and painted facades, Tortona - with its bars and pubs, and Valenza - one of Italy's most important gold districts. The major trade fairs and cultural events of the city are held at Palazzo del Monferrato, in the town centre.

How to reach Alessandria

Alessandria is at the intersection of Highway A21 Torino-Brescia and A26 Genova-Gravellona Toce. The train station of Alessandria, in Piazza Eugenio Curiel is on the railway line Turin-Genoa and is the terminus of the lines to Arona, Pavia and Ovada. The city is also served by a small airport, located in Orti , a few kilometers north of the centre.

Where to stay in Alessandria

The hotel offer in Alessandria is well developed. The city is a tourist destination for its beautiful historical centre full of monuments, such as the neoclassical cathedral, Palazzo Ghilini - seat of the province, and the Military Citadel, but also because it is an active cultural center. During the year, several events are organized by the administration, including the Biennale of Poetry, the commemoration of the Battle of Marengo and Alè Chocolate, to promote the confectionery industry. Hotels in Alessandria are a great starting point for a food and wine tour in the Langhe region, including Asti and Alba, or to visit the Ligurian mountains of Val Borbera.

Shopping streets in Alessandria

The main shopping street in Alessandria is Via Roma, a pedestrian street, where there are many fashion shops and good delis. Around the large Piazza della Libertà, you will find many nice bars and restaurants. About 30 km south of Alessandria, along the State Road 335bis, lies the town of Serravalle Scrivia, with a great outlet (McArthur Designer Outlet) with items from over 300 brands of fashion, jewelry and accessories.

Hot spots in Alessandria for the after-show

In the evening, in downtown Alessandria you will find several venues, but very often young locals move towards pubs and clubs in the towns of the province, as the Gallo, a Latin American style pub, or the nightclub Palladium Studios in Acqui Terme, the beer garden Cicci Coco in Castelceriolo, Area 51 in Vignole Borbera, where you can enjoy live music, the News Docs Cafè, pub and disco housed ​​in an old factory in Tortona.

Curiosities: Borsalino Hats

Alessandria is famous worldwide for the production of hats. The main and most famous hats factory is Borsalino, which has its own shop in Corso Roma. Palazzo Borsalino, in Via Cavour, is home to the University and the Hat Museum, which displays over 5000 items showing the evolution of this accessory clothing in the last 150 years of the prestigious brand’ history.


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