Exhibitions and Fairs in Bari

The city of Bari is the center of a metropolitan area of over one million people. Most of the city's economy is driven by the city's port, center for trade and naval activity, tourism and fisheries. Over the last years, Bari Exhibition Center - Fiera del Levante has been gaining international importance for all the Mediterranean area.

In the countryside around the city, farming is well developed and organized, but also the mechanical and petrochemical industries are an important source of income for Bari. Finally, tourism is very important too: the coast of Bari is well equipped to cater for tourists, with many hotels and beach resorts.

How to reach Bari

Bari, located on the Adriatica Motorway A14 Bologna-Taranto, is also linked to Naples by the A16 motorway.  Bari Centrale train station, in Piazza Moro, is included in the high-speed rail circuit that allows to reach Naples in just over an hour. In the northern area of the city, you will find the international airport Bari-Palese Macchie. The port of Bari, one of the most important on the Adriatic Sea, boasts a passenger traffic of almost 2 million people, of which 350 thousand are cruise passengers. Large ships and ferries connect the city with Rijeka and Stari Grad in Croatia, as well as Corfu, Patras, Igoumenitsa and Sami, Greece.

Where to stay in Bari

Finding a hotel in Bari is easy, as there is a wide offer of accommodation facilities. Some problems of availability of rooms can occur in the days of major exhibitions, as Eataly or the International Trade Fair. In these cases it is advisable to book in advance, especially at the hotels close to the Fiera del Levante exhibition center or at the 3 and 4 star hotels in the historical centre of Bari. In recent years, the municipal government has stimulated the influx of tourists, managing a great redevelopment in the areas of the centre and the waterfront.

Bari Shopping Venues and Nightlife

The main shopping streets in Bari are Via Sparano and Corso Cavour, in the city centre: there are several large shopping malls and showrooms of the major fashion labels. The area of Bari Vecchia, closed in a peninsula between the two ports (the old and new one), has always been the heart of the city nightlife, although just outside Bari, there are many famous and popular venues too, like the New AutodromoClub Putignano.


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