Exhibitions and Fairs in Brescia

Dubbed the 'Lioness of Italy', Brescia boasts an economy based on hundreds of small and medium-sized enterprises, active in engineering, agriculture and viticulture (it’s famous for the farming of Franciacorta grapes), as well as services and tourism. The Fairground of Brescia, Brixia Expo, is a major trade pole especially for the firearms, antiques and modern art sectors.

How to get to Brescia

Brescia is easily accessible by all means of transport: it stands on the A4 motorway, it’s served by the railway line Milan-Venice and has an airport, Brescia-Montichiari, about fifteen kilometers away from the city centre. You can reach the Fair directly by car from Brescia-West highway or by bus or shuttle from the station and the airport of Brescia Montichiari.

Where to stay in Brescia

Brescia hotels are an excellent starting point for exploring the areas around Lake Garda and Lake Iseo. Many of the cheapest hotels in Brescia are located around the central station, which is, however, a few minutes walk from downtown. In the area of the Trade Fair there are some 4-star hotels offering excellent facilities for business travelers.

Brescia Shopping and Nightlife

Shopping in Brescia is a pleasure. In the old town, easily explored on foot, there are excellent shops and ateliers. In Corso Magenta there are boutiques, book and prints stores, in Corso Cavour you’ll find workshops and ethnic shops; Corso Zanardelli, surrounded by arcades, is home to elegant showrooms of clothing; in via X Giornate, leading to Piazza della Loggia, there are jewelers, libraries and perfumeries; Corso Palestro and Corso Martiri are full of household items and antiques shops. Many clubs and restaurants to be enjoyed in good company after the trade shows, are available on Corso Garibaldi, who still boasts a very bohemian atmosphere.


Airports, fairgrounds, car rentals and hotels in Brescia

Garda Hotel
4 star hotel

Via Brescia 128

Hotel Fiera Di Brescia
4 star hotel

Via Orzinuovi 135/137

Albergo La Piana
3 star hotel

Via Montichiari 67

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