Exhibitions and Fairs in Catania

The city of Catania is a beautiful tourist city at the foot of Mount Etna. Boasting the presence of a noteworthy Baroque architectural heritage, this city is also one of the major exhibition and manufacturing centers of Sicily and South Italy in general. Major exhibitions and congresses are held at Le Ciminiere Centro Fieristico e Congressuale - Catania Exhibitions and Congress Center, located in viale Africa, right on the seafront.

The economy of the city develops around several business hubs: the industrial and commercial areas of Misterbianco and Piano Tavola; the area of Pantano d'Arci, a.k.a. the Etnea Valley – due to the presence of major technology companies (IBM, Alcatel , Nokia, STMicroelectronics, Nortel, etc.), the commercial area of ​​Etnapolis in Belpasso. In general, however, Catania's economy and that of its provincial area, is mainly based on thousands of small manufacturing and craft companies. Last but not least, the Port of Catania, which serves about three million people in nine provinces, is a multipurpose facility for trade, tourism, fishing and even a shipyard. In the economy of the city, a significant role is also played by the wholesale shopping mall in the area of Bicocca and the vegetable market in San Giuseppe La Rena.

How to reach Catania

Catania is crossed by the motorway A18 Messina-Catania-Siracusa and is the starting point for the A19 Catania-Palermo; both roads are connected with the city's ring roads by new bypasses. The station of Catania, in Piazza Papa Giovanni XXIII, is a stop of the railroad Circumetnea, which travels around Mount Etna (about 110 Km) and arrives in Riposto, north of the city. Catania is also served by a subway line, between the stations of Borgo and the Port. The latter is near Catania-Fontanarossa airport, one of the top ten airports of Italy in terms of passenger traffic, served by flag-carrier and low-cost airlines alike. The Exhibition Centre Le Ciminiere is reachable by subway from the stop Galatea.

Where to stay in Catania

The accommodation offer in the province of Catania has increased by 370% in ten years, from 150 facilities available in 2000 to 730 in 2010. This development especially regards extra-hotel facilities, such as B&Bs and accommodation for 'rural tourism' (agricultural hospitality in old farms), promoted by a special regional law. The city of Catania offers a wide choice of accommodation, with a preponderance of 3 and 4 star hotels. 5 star hotels are mainly located in the city centre, along Via Etnea. In the neighborhoods of Ognina, a fishing village boasting the presence of the famous Odyssey's cave, and Cibali, which hosts the stadium, there are many B&Bs. Hotels near the airport of Catania have recently introduced the formula 'business + wellness' to accommodate a business clientele in refined facilities equipped with spas and relaxation areas.

Catania Shopping and Nightlife

Shopping in Catania is pleasing and fun. The beautiful Sicilian city is renowned for the presence of boutiques and shops of the most popular brands of fashion, especially along Via Etnea, the main shopping avenue. However, all around the historical centre of Catania, you can find many excellent shops, selling items ranging from clothing, to pottery and handicrafts made ​​of lava stone. Restaurants, bars, pubs and discos are found along the main streets of the city, like Corso Italia - often home to exhibitions and events, the long Via Umberto I - where there are several hotels, via Garibaldi - with many bars, corso Vittorio Emanuele II – which hosts the "Archaeological Park", which takes care of regional historic sites, and via Leopardi, in Ognina, near the sea.


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