Exhibitions and Fairs in Cesena

Together with Forlì, Cesena forms the province of Forlì-Cesena, in the region of Emilia-Romagna. 97 000 inhabitants, the town hosts the fairgrounds Cesena Fiera, 32 thousand square meters of exhibition space where every year takes place among other trade shows, Macfrut, a leading fruit and vegetables trade fair.

Cesena is an important agricultural and industrial area, active in the crop growing and processing of agricultural products. The transport industry is made up of many small and medium enterprises. Tourism is an important source of income as well, with over 75 000 arrivals per year.

How to reach Cesena

Cesena stands on the A14 motorway Bologna-Taranto, and is accessible via the two exits Cesena and Cesena-Nord. The Via Emilia, SS n.9, crosses the city centre and connects Cesena to all provincial capitals of Emilia-Romagna. A major artery running from Cesena is the Highway 45 E, State Road Tiberina, which reaches Terni and then Rome. Cesena train station, in Piazza Sanguinetti, is on the railway line Bologna-Ancona. The city hasn't got its own airport, but is close to those of Forlì (18 km away) and Rimini (40 km). The fairgrounds can be reached via the outputs Cesena-Nord on the A14, and Cesena-Nord on Highway E-45.

Where to stay in Cesena

There are about 140 000 tourists in town every year, with an average of two-overnight stays per tourist/visitor. Cesena is a city full of monuments, with several universities and a trade fair that brings together a lot of business. The hotel offer in Cesena is well developed, with 2 and 3 star hotels in the city centre and several accommodation options in business hotels near Cesena Fair.

Shopping streets and hot spots in Cesena

In the historical centre of Cesena, the main shopping street is definitely via Zeffrino Re. Many bars and restaurants are located under the arcades surrounding some of the main city squares, like Piazza Amendola, completely renovated in 2008, Piazza Mario Guidazzi, which is at the end of Corso Garibaldi - another shopping street, and Piazza del Popolo, dominated by the town Hall. Cesena's cuisine is typically permeated with the flavors of Emilia, with egg pasta and dishes of pork and rabbit, accompanied by excellent wines such as Sangiovese, Trebbiano, Albana and Pagadebit.


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