Exhibitions and Fairs in Cremona

Cremona is known as the “Three Ts” city: Turòon, Turàs and ... Tetàs. The first two are symbols of the city (the “torrone”, nougat, and the Torrazzo, the huge tower of the Cathedral), the third T ... try to find it out on your own. The city's economy is primarly based on the food industry. Cremona Exhibition Center, CremonaFiere, is an important ingredient of the city economy, with events mainly related to production activities of the area, as the diary sector.

In fact, here are located some of the most important factories of the industry: Negroni cold meats, Sperlari sweets, Vergani sweet specialties, and Barilla, the world leader in the market of pasta. Also the engineering industry is well developed, but especially the handicraft sector: famous are the violin makers of Cremona, with brand names renowned throughout the world as Stradivari, Guarneri and Amati.

How to get to Cremona

Cremona, in the region of Lombardy, near the border with Emilia-Romagna and the province of Piacenza, is on the exit of the A21 Motorway Piacenza-Brescia. The Trade Fair of Cremona is located in the north of the city, in Piazza Zelioli Lanzini. From here, along Via Nazario Sauro, on the ring road, you get directly off the town. The Cremona Exhibition Center is no more than two kilometers from the train station of Cremona, overlooking the Via Dante.

Where to stay in Cremona

For business people who usually attend exhibitions in Cremona, the most suitable hotels are those near the train station in the north of the city. Cremona boasts a wide offer of accommodation facilities and prices are not excessively high. Hotels in the centre of Cremona are a great opportunity to stay close to the monuments and the shopping streets of this beautiful city rich in history.

Cremona Shopping and Nightlife

Shopping in Cremona is excellent, with designer clothes shops and international brands. Do not miss the historic shops that are located in both the "old town" and "new town". The first revolves around the town square, where there are the "Bar Portici" - opened in 1860, the pastry shop "Al Duomo" - in Largo Boccaccino, dating back to 1883, "Pasticceria Lanfranchi" in via Solferino (since 1800,) Sperlari Store (since 1836,) and the "Armeria Manicotti", (1836.) In Piazza Stradivari there is the "Bar Gelateria Flora" open to customers since 1905. In the "new town", belonging to the ancient religious power revolving around Piazza S. Agata and Cittanova Palace, on Corso Garibaldi, there are the stationery "Cartoleria Moschetti" (1860) and the Jewellery "Acerbi" opened in 1952. On Piazza Risorgimento, since 1901, stands the "Bar Pasticceria Dondeo" with its characteristic Art Nouveau style. In Cremona, then, are very popular the theme markets held on Sunday morning, where you can find local produce, crafts, and bio-foods.


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