Exhibitions and Fairs in Ferrara

Ferrara Exhibition Center, Ferrara Fiere Congressi, where some thirty events take place every year, is part of BolognaFiere Group, which heads the exhibition centers of Modena and Bologna. The fairgrounds of the magnificent City of the Este Family, mainly host trade fairs and expos related to culture and environment.

The city of Ferrara is a little anomaly in the economic landscape of northern Italy. Agriculture, fishery and handicrafts are in fact among the main items of income for the province: agriculture employs almost 9% of the population, fishing involves 55% of the total workers in the entire region of Emilia-Romagna and 35,5% of Ferrara entrepreneurs are artisans. The industry sector mainly revolves around a chemical plant in the city, and the construction industry in general.

How to get to Ferrara

To reach Ferrara and its fairground, in addition to your car, you can use trains. The city is on the railway line Bologna-Venice. Ferrara Exhibition Centre, just over 5 km away from the central station of Ferrara, is reachable by many buses and shuttles. Bologna Guglielmo Marconi Airport is about 40 km away from the city.

Where to stay in Ferrara

Ferrara is visited annually by nearly 200 000 tourists, of which 50 000 are foreigners. The "affluence" (indicating their stay in town) seizes at approximately 350 000 units. Ferrara hotels are particularly crowded on the occasion of the most important fairs, but also some international events, such as the Festival degli Aquiloni (International Kite Festival) in April, the Ferrara Balloons Festival in September, but especially the Buskers Festival, during the last week of August, the biggest event in the world dedicated to street artists.

Ferrara Shopping and Nightlife

Ferrara is a historic city (dominated for centuries by the dynasty of the Este) boasting the presence of many landmarks, but it is also a university city: the university has more than 20 000 students. For these reasons, it is a very lively city, full of restaurants and always crowded. The main shopping streets of Ferrara are Corso Martiri della Libertà, with boutiques and shops, but also many bars where you can sample the traditional snacks of Ferrara. Regarding the evening happy hour and nightlife, the busiest streets and hosting more pubs and restaurants are Via Canonica and via Bersaglieri, behind the Cathedral. A tip: Ferrara is known as the 'city of bikes'. To explore it, you can rent the bikes made ​​available by the municipality.


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