Exhibitions and Fairs in Gorizia

Located on the border with Slovenia, Gorizia is an ancient city. Capital City of the region Friuli- Venezia Giulia, it has developed along the left bank of the River Isonzo. The geographical location, has profoundly influenced the city over the centuries, as it has been the meeting point of three cultures, Latin, Slavic and Germanic. The city refers to the fairgrounds UdineFiere.

The economy of the city is primarily based on Small and Medium enterprises engaged in the industries of manufacturing, construction, agriculture and tourism. Just under 10% of SMEs are active in the hospitality industry. In the near future, there will be a greater synergy between the interport of Gorizia, the port of Monfalcone and Trieste Ronchi dei Legionari Airport, which despite its name is Gorizia's airport.

How to reach Gorizia

The motorway connection of Gorizia flows into the A4 motorway from Villesse, leading to Ljubljana, Slovenia. The State Road 55 dell'Isonzo, is a major thoroughfare that links Gorizia with Trieste and Monfalcone. The central station of Gorizia, in Piazza Martiri della Libertà, is on the Udine-Trieste railway line and has a traffic of about 1.4 million passengers a year. The city’s airport is the Ronchi dei Legionari Airport in Trieste, less than 30 kilometers away, reachable from the junction with the A4 and by shuttle buses departing from the central station.

Where to stay in Gorizia

Gorizia is a beautiful historic city with many places of tourist interest, starting from the Castle overlooking the city. The city is also famous for a series of international music shows, such as the European Grand Prix for Choral Singing and the European Classical Guitar Competition. During these important cultural events, Gorizia hotels sell out. Many hotels in Gorizia are housed in old buildings refurbished and equipped with amenities suitable for business travelers.

Shopping streets in Gorizia

Walking through the old town of Gorizia is a pleasure. The narrow streets, flanked by ancient buildings, hide a number of shops and craft shops, as well as excellent bakeries and historic libraries. One of the main shopping streets of Gorizia is Via Rastello, where there are shops of footwear and leather goods. The road ends in Piazza Cavour, with arcades hosting bars and restaurants. From viale D'Annunzio you can go up to the Castle, or, in the direction of the Town Hall, you can enter via Mazzini, famous for some some pastry shops. The Teatro Comunale Verdi stands at the intersection with other shopping streets, corso Italia and corso Verdi.

Hot spots in Gorizia for the after-show

Gorizia is a city with many young people due to the presence of several military barracks and universities, that are part of Trieste University. This is why in the city there's no lack of pubs and clubs, even though, some local bloggers complain that there are not many fun and enjoyable things to do. In the centre of the city, however, there are several venues, as Café Haus, in Corso Italia, always wrapped in special lighting, Fly Club in Piazza Municipio - attended by a young clientele, the Newport Cafè – which mainly serves a clientele of people in their 30s to 40s, Tavernetta del Castello - that caters only select clientele.


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