Exhibitions and Fairs in Mestre

Until the beginning of the twentieth century, Mestre's fate was tied to that of Venice: it was the largest agricultural area that supplied the city and was the holiday resort of the Venetian nobility. By the beginning of 1900, Mestre became an industrial center of national importance, thanks to the construction of large ports and the building of the great industrial district of Porto Marghera.

Today, Mestre is changing its look again. With the gradual de-industrialization and the redevelopment of urban land, Mestre is no longer a 'dorms' city, but rather a center for logistics and services. Major events and exhibitions are held at Laguna Palaca Convention Center located in Via Matteotti, right in the city centre.

How to get to Mestre

Mestre is the gateway to Venice. Located on the A4 Milano-Trieste, Mestre is also reachable from the A27, from Belluno, which leads to Marco Polo airport, in the Tessera area. From the centre of the city branches out via della Libertà, which becomes the long bridge arriving to piazzale Tronchetto in Venice. The railway station of Venezia-Mestre, in Piazzale Favretti, manages a flow of more than 30 million passengers a year. The station of Mestre is crossed by the lines towards Udine and Trento. Venezia Marco Polo Airport reaches a traffic record of 9 million passengers a year. It is located about 8 km from Mestre, to which it is connected via bus services. From the airport you can reach Venice or Murano also via Alilaguna boats, leaving from the dock available directly at the airport.

Where to stay in Mestre

Often, people visiting Venice decide to stay in one of the hotels in Mestre because they are generally cheaper. But this choice is appropriate for those who don't just want to visit the beautiful lagoon city, but are rather willing to make a wider tour, including, for example, the villas along the Brenta River, the cities of Padua and Treviso or Chioggia. Hotels in Mestre are also chosen by a business clientele working at the industrial district of Porto Marghera or the Laguna Palace Convention Center which hosts many fairs.

Mestre Shopping and Nightlife

Mestre is a very sober town, who has lived in the shadow of Venice and the industrial area of Porto Marghera. In recent decades, however, it has undergone a deep urban transformation: the city is no longer just a “place to sleep in”, but rather a center for services and logistics. This has also resulted in a progressive improvement of the commercial offer, including restaurants, bars and shopping areas. The urban plan has been modernized, by creating several pedestrian areas, especially in the old village. Today, all that is needed in terms of catering and entertainment can be found in the streets around Piazza Ferretto, a large pedestrian area with shops and restaurants.


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