Exhibitions and Fairs in Palermo

On the beautiful northwest coast of Sicily, about sixty km east of Trapani, Palermo, home to the Fiera del Mediterraneo Exhibition Center, is one of the most beautiful cities of South Italy from a historical, architectural and cultural point of view. The exhibition center of Palermo, Fiera del Mediterraneo, is home to a dozen national and international events a year.

Located at the beginning of a great plain known as the Conca d'Oro (this name derives from the citrus plantations that stretch across the area) Palermo is at the center of a metropolitan area of more than one million inhabitants. The economy is mainly based on the tertiary sector and services related to public administration, as well as banking and the activities of Fiera del Mediterraneo. The city port is a key hub for economy, due to the presence of Fincantieri shipyards, which develop in the districts of Brancaccio and the North Industrial Area. Even fishing and agriculture are important components of the economy: the first, is developed especially in the areas of Sferracavallo Port, the second spreads over the Ciaculli area, at the foot of Mount Grifone, planted with mandarins, oranges and loquats.

How to reach Palermo

On the ring road of Palermo, there are the outputs of three motorways: the A19 Palermo-Catania, the A20 to Messina and to the A29, which connects the city to the airport Punta Raisi. The train stations of Palermo, also used for urban traffic, are on the railway lines to Messina, Trapani, Agrigento and Catania. From the central station of Palermo, in Piazza Giulio Cesare, and that of Notarbartolo in Piazza Matteo Boiardo, leave trains by Trinacria Express service which lead to Punta Raisi airport in 45 minutes. The international airport Falcone-Borsellino, is 35 Km east of the city, towards Trapani. The buses managed by Prestia e Comandè bus company connect the airport to the Central Station of Palermo, while those run by Segesta bus company take to the Birgi airport in Trapani.

Where to stay in Palermo

Most of the hotels in Palermo, are concentrated in the historical centre. Along the most popular shopping streets, Via Roma and Via Maqueda, the long Via Vittorio Emanuele, near the Station area of Palermo, tourists and businessmen will find plenty of hotels, guesthouses and B&Bs. For business customers, Palermo is becoming an increasingly important destination because the city is developing a busy international conference industry. Many 4-star hotels in Palermo are located in the port area, along Via Francesco Crispi: on the nearby via Emerico Amari, you can catch “Prestia e Comandè” buses to get to the airport of Palermo.

Shopping streets in Palermo

There are plenty of shopping streets in Palermo. Tourists usually flock to the most popular, Via Maqueda, the Quattro Canti intersection – which bisects Via Vittorio Emanuele – and Via Roma, parallel to Via Maqueda and towards the sea. If Via Maqueda is known for its trendy clothing stores for a young clientele, Via Ruggero Settimo, in the historical centre, near Piazza Giuseppe Verdi, is renowned both for the presence of chain stores like H&M and Zara, but also the most prestigious brands of fashion and jewelry. Another street where shopping requires the use of several credit cards, is via della Libertà, behind Teatro Politeama, with plenty of shops such as Tod's and Louis Vuitton stores.

Hot spots in Palermo for the after-show

In the evening, you just can't fail to have fun in Palermo. The streets of the historical centre are a succession of bars, pubs, beer gardens, typical ice cream parlors, restaurants or simply meeting places where locals and tourists love to stay for interesting cultural exchanges. The promenade of Palermo is the perfect place to eat fish or have a drink at one of the many Arabian-style bars. Among the most popular venues of the city, worth a mention the Berlin Cafè, beer garden, wine bar and cafe in Via Isidoro La Lumia; B-Side, an American bar and disco in via Ammiraglio Gravina; Cambio Cavalli, a pub and restaurant housed in a XVI century building in via Patania; Malavoglia, a literary cafe in Piazzetta Pietro Speciale; Mikalsa, in the neighborhood Kalsa, offering one hundred beers from around the world; Kursaal Khalesa, in via Lincoln, features an elegant atmosphere and often organizes seasons of films and exhibitions.

Palermo markets

You will spend a great time at the typical and picturesque markets of Palermo. The most famous is Ballarò, where the colors and aromas of vegetables, fruits and spices are mixed with those of the ready-to-eat foods served at the stalls: boiled octopus prepared by the “poliparo”, fried meat prepared by the 'frittulara' or veal intestines served with shallots, roasted on the coals by the 'stigghiolara'. However, to enjoy the 'true' trade atmosphere of the city, you may visit that unique place called Vucciria, if the district of Castellammare, where swordfish are quartered over typical benches amidst laughs and shouts.


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