Exhibitions and Fairs in Pontedera

About twenty km away from Pisa, Pontedera is a Tuscan town of just under 30 000 inhabitants, famous for being home to Italian manufacturer Piaggio, which here has a major industrial complex. Here, in Viale Rinaldo Piaggio, stands Centrum Sete Sóis Sete Luas, an exhibition center built where once this company had its headquarters.

Over 43% of the local population is engaged in industrial enterprises. One of the most famous is the Amedei chocolate factory, considered one of the best in the world by the London Academy of Chocolate. Pontedera has a strong commercial vocation: the fair of San Luca, a trade fair that is held between September and October, is an important opportunity to promote the region and its specialties, in particular food and wine.

How to reach Pontedera

The centre of Pontedera is crossed by the State Road SS67 Tosco Romagnola, which connects the city to Pisa and Florence, and which branches towards Livorno when it gets to Fornacette. The city is served by the highway Firenze-Pisa-Livorno and the SS439, which takes to Lucca (north) and Piombino (south). The train station of Pontedera-Casciana Terme, in piazza Unità d'Italia, is a major regional hub with a traffic of 1.5 million passengers a year. The station of Pontedera is located on the Florence-Pisa railway line.

Where to stay in Pontedera

The hotel offer in Pontedera is not particularly well developed, although there are several 4 star hotels available. The Hotel Armonia, in P.zza Caduti Divisione Acqui, Cefalonia and Corfù, is a historic hotel dating back to 1860 that hosted important personalities of the business world who have worked with the Piaggio group. Another 4-star hotel is Le Sodole Country Resort & Golf, in Via Delle Sodole, nestled in the vineyards of Tuscany, with a main building which dates back to the 1700s. 3 star accommodation are available in the area of the train station and near Pontedera, where there are several hotels, such as in Santa Maria a Monte, Calcinaia, Bientina or Ponsacco.

Shopping streets in Pontedera

Pontedera has always been a very busy city, with major industrial and commercial activities. In recent years, it has also become a very livable city due to the creation of large pedestrian zones and bicycle lanes. The latter, in particular, are very popular among tourists because they lead to the beautiful Tuscan countryside and many farms and equestrian centers. The shopping areas are concentrated in the small town centre, where there are food and wine “boutiques” where you can buy local specialties such as chocolate and wine.

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