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With its 7,500 inhabitants, Stra is one of the towns of the Brenta Riviera along with Dolo, Mira, Fiesso d'Artico, Oriago, and Malcontenta, in the province of Venice, a fascinating area with several nature trails and tourist sites. Stra hosts many conventions and meetings, taking place at Villa Foscarini Rossi, in via Doge Pisani.

Stra is also an ideal starting point to visit the famous Venetian Villas located on the banks of the river, which were used as holiday homes by ancient noble families of the Serenissima (Venice). In addition, the town is a stopover for tourists who move towards Padova, which is about 15 km away. Stra is famous because in 1934 it hosted the first official meeting between Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler.

How to reach Stra

Stra is on the route of the Brenta Riviera, which towards Padua, becomes via Regia, and Via Nazionale in the direction of Mestre-Venice. The town is accessible from State Road SS1 Padova-Venezia, from SS309 'Romea' Ravenna-Mestre and the A4 motorway Torino-Trieste, by the exits Padova Est and the Dolo-Mirano. The nearest railway station is Dolo-Mirano. ACTV buses reach Stra from the stations of Padua and Venice, from Mestre - departing from Piazza XXVII Ottobre - and Mirano - departing from Via Barche. In the period between March and October, all the towns of the Brenta Riviera are reachable by a motorboat, which crosses the river with departures from both Padua and Venice.

Where to stay in Stra

In the small town of Stra, there are few hotels, but all excellent. The 3 star Hotel Villa Alighieri, in via Dante Alighieri, is housed in a building recently renovated and is located just 600 meters away from the splendid Ducal Palace Villa Pisani (one of the most famous villas on the banks of the Brenta). Another 3-star hotel in Stra, the Hotel Park Venezia, near the ring road of Padua, is renowned for the restaurant Villa Iris and its Venetian specialties.

Stra Shopping streets & Hot spots for the after-show

The town of Stra is essentially a stopover on the road between Padua, Vicenza and Venice. The commercial offer of the town is mainly dedicated to the locals, but there are several bakeries and restaurants frequented by tourists (polenta is one of Stras' specialties, also the protagonist of food and wine events). There is no shortage of souvenir and local crafts shops, including processing of leather and footwear.


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