Exhibitions and Fairs in Vicenza

The beautiful city of Vicenza, rich in historical monuments in the Palladian style, and cultural events, is one of the most important “goldsmith districts” in Italy. VicenzaOro, held at Vicenza Exhibition Center - Fiera di Vicenza, is an international exhibition for gold, silverware and jewellery and it is one of the major trade shows worldwide.

But the economy of the city and its province is also based on fashion, with major companies such as Marzotto Group, Diesel, and Dainese for sportswear, and the beautiful Bottega Veneta for luxury goods. In the area called Zai, Agricultural Industrial Zone, and Zio, West Industrial Zone, are concentrated metallurgical, textile, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, as well as food processing and mechanical equipment factories.

How to get to Vicenza

Vicenza is served by two motorways, the A4 Milano-Venezia (exits Vicenza Ovest and Vicenza Est), and the A31 Valdastico, exit Vicenza Nord. Vicenza is crossed by several state roads such as SS11 Padana Superiore, SS53 Postumia towards Treviso, the SS 46 Pasubio towards Trento. Vicenza is on the railway line Milan-Venice: the station of Vicenza, located in viale Venezia, north of downtown, is also the terminus of the railway lines Vicenza-Schio and Vicenza-Treviso.

Where to stay in Vicenza

The small historical centre of Vicenza is completely walkable. Vicenza Hotels, are therefore all in close proximity to major tourist attractions, from the Palladian style monuments to the city's popular trattorias, where you can taste the typical dishes of local cuisine, such as codfish Vicenza-style, roasted kid, wether with “risi e bisi” (rice and peas) and risotto. Business hotels in Vicenza are mainly in the fairgrounds' area south-west of the city, near the exit Vicenza Ovest of the A4 motorway.

Shopping and Nightlife in Vicenza

Shopping and nightlife areas in Vicenza are concentrated in a few streets of the historical centre. The shops, clubs, bars, restaurants, and taverns, are located in the streets that lead to the large road that bisects the centre of Vicenza, Corso Andrea Palladio. The road, about 1.5 km long, crosses the centre of the city and is largely a pedestrian area. It is the shopping street of Vicenza and the place for evening walks and tourists visiting the city. In all the streets that intersect the long way, there are excellent stores, with clothing, antiques, food and wine, but also restaurants, clubs and pubs where you can spend your evenings.


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